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CENO electronics locates in Shenzhen China.It is one company who foucus on technical research,manufacturing and sales.Its area covers 3000 square meter and has more than 100 skilled employees.Advanced technology equipment,high precision inspection and test instrument decreased the reject ratio and simplify the production process,as well as increased our competetiveness in the market.More reliable and durable slip ring were borned by CENO.


CENO Diversification products are devided as below.


1. Through hole slip ring

2. Capsule slip ring

3. Pancake slip ring

4. Separate slip ring

5. Fiber optic rotary joint

6. Radio frequency rotary joint

7. Air rotary union

8. Ethernet slip ring

9. USB sip ring

10. High current slip ring

11.Crane slip ring

12. HD-SDI slip ring




CENO is not limited to sell our standard model,as well as offerring OEM service.Welcome to contact us with your detail specification.Sample spec information required as below:


1. Circuits number

2. Current rating

3. Rate voltage

4. Dimension restriction

5. Working speed







In few years,CENO researched various new types slip ring and optimized a part of standard slip rings.The main achievement on technical part we have as below:


1. Pancake slip ring in separate type rotates at speed 600rpm.This is a big techical breakthrough in CENO R&D in 2015.

2. Capsule slip ring with multi-channel radio frequency channel which reach isolation greater than 40dB with stable parameter,even close to 50dB.

3. Long life slip ring has broken through 500million rotation life in 2016.

4. High speed slip ring rotate at 8000rpm has 100million revolution life.

5. Airbone radar slip ring borned in 2013

6. Self design air and electric integration slip ring was borned in 2015

7. First generation anti-explosion slip ring occurs in CENO in 2014

8. Fiber optic rotary joint with high speed at 10,000rpm as published in market in 2018

9. High IP grade slip ring up to IP68 borned in 2010

10.High temperature slip ring bearing +250°C .

11. Multi-channel slip ring channel number up to 280.



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