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China CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd certification
China CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd certification
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Company Cases
Application case of CENO gas-electric integrated slip ring in laser welding

As we knowing the various types of slip rings, the types of slip rings connected by slip rings are different in different application environments, which are very suitable for the operation of slip ring equipment. Take integrated gas-electrical slip ring QCN03-EX-12P1-16S-01EG for example, we talk about the application of a integrated slip ring. This custom slip ring from CENO is used for welding laser cutting, before design of the slip ring we needs to know the factors that affect the specific use environment and equipment in advance.


For the full-line cutting of the barrel and the welding technology of different backgrounds, under various circumstances, the machine can be manufactured with suitable firearms or normal production according to different situations, and can be produced normally, and cutting different cutting bodies. At present, the pneumatic slip rings and electrical slip rings on the market are mostly separation, and difficulty to install together. Even though the slip ring installed, the pneumatic slip rings do not have gas road conditions that are easy to block. The safety measurement triggers or even explodes.


This pneumatic - electric integrated slip ring from CENO can solve this problem, with compact structure and easy to install,

There are safety measures to prevent flammable gas from burning or even explosion due to accidental leakage in the gas circuit slip ring, It’s a integrated slip ring that is convenient for cutting and welding integrated robot to realize infinite rotation of circuit and gas circuits.

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