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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd latest company case about CENO Li-ion Battery Equipment Slip Ring

CENO Li-ion Battery Equipment Slip Ring


latest company case about CENO Li-ion Battery Equipment Slip Ring

The pole sheet is simply the core of the battery, the electrodes, one positive and one negative, the electrode sheet uses a conductive sheet, an insulating sheet, a heating system, and wires connected to the outside world, and is arranged between the insulating sheet and the conductive sheet. Temperature sensor, the two ends of the temperature sensor can be connected to the terminal through wires; the heating electrode sheet has a temperature control function, and there is a heat dissipation pattern on the inside, which can fully dissipate local heat, which is more convenient to use, more comfortable and safe.

Electrode sheets can be divided into different types of electrode sheets according to different types of standards, for example: self-adhesive electrode sheets, or according to the selected material can be divided into

1. PET self-adhesive electrode sheet

2. Silicone self-adhesive electrode sheet

3. Silicone self-adhesive electrode sheet

4. Other button self-adhesive electrode sheets; silicone electrode sheets can be divided into water-absorbing electrode sheets, heating electrode sheets, conductive electrode sheets, etc. according to their main uses. In addition to the electrodes, there are also electrode wires and related physiotherapy products.

In the more than 50 processes of lithium battery production, the cooperation of high-speed rotating conductive slip rings is indispensable. CENO hollow shaft series slip rings can be customized slip rings for lithium battery equipment. At present, several series of slip rings have been used in many lithium batteries production equipment.


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