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China CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd certification
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CENO Low temperature Ethernet slip ring apply to truck crane
Latest company case about CENO Low temperature Ethernet slip ring apply to truck crane

Truck crane is a large lifting equipment which is popular applied in the industry system. Slip ring is a key component and plays important role in the truck crane, it helps the the large truck crane to transfer the electrical power, signal, data to support the truck crane to keep daily operation and precise control. CENO developed series slip rings for the truck crane case. We will introduce the CENO slip rings in the application of truck cranes, detail as below information:


First is power transmission: There are many kinds of electric components in truck cranes, such as the driving wheels, winches, telescopic arms, etc. Slip ring transfers electric power from the fixed part to the rotation parts stably to keep the mechanical parts going well.


Second is signal transmission: In order to ensure safe and high effective lifting operation, the communication between the operator of controlling truck crane and controlling equipment with a variety of sensors should going well and running properly. Under the high precise requirement, slip ring plays the role of transferring control signals, such as the remote command signal, sensor feedback signal and safety signals, to enable that the truck crane operator to remotely control the truck crane.


Third is communication equipment: For the specific application, the truck crane may be installed with communication equipment, take the walkie talkie, Video surveillance cameras and GPS etc for example, Slip ring can realized the function that the operator maintain contact with other team members or monitoring center. As well, slip ring support the data transmission and power supply between these communication devices.


Forth is data acquisition: The truck crane can be equipped with sensors to monitor arm position, wind speed, hook load and other information. Slip ring is to transmit the data to the control system, to remain the operator know about the current operating conditions to adjust accordingly.


Fifth Rotating mechanism: Cranes usually have a rotating arms, hooks and continuous rotating and transmitting power and signals by them to ensure that the rotating motion is not bound by wires or cables.


So that we can see slip ring technology plays important role in the truck crane performances, CENO designed and provided series truck crane slip rings in past nearly twenty years, and CENO have excellent slip ring quality to ensure the stability, safety and high operation efficiency of the truck crane. For more information please contact CENO expert team.


latest company case about CENO Low temperature Ethernet slip ring apply to truck crane  0




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