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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd latest company case about CENO Thermocouple slip ring for packaging machine

CENO Thermocouple slip ring for packaging machine


latest company case about CENO Thermocouple slip ring for packaging machine

Packaging is the last process of all products. In many fields,due to the large output, needs to used highly automated packaging machinery to match high speed work rhythm. As an importance electronic accessory for realizing 360 rotational transmission of power and signals on modern electromechanical products, Electrical slip ring are indispensable part of packaging machinery. For products packaged in plastic, heating is required when sealing, so the packaging machinery used may need to use thermocouple slip rings.


CENO thermocouple slip rings are generally composed of a heat transfer couple signal loop and a power loop. Customer can choose different slip ring types such as capsule slip ring, through hole slip ring or insert slip ring according to the installation space or method. The final parameters are them determined based on the require transmission of power signal or data. The through hole slip rings are relatively large in size and suitable of large size packing machine systems.


Take CENO new product thermocouple slip ring ECN140-20S-IP54 for example. This thermocouple slip ring is a relatively large is size. It has inner diameter of 140mm and Outer diameter is 240mm. The length including the stator and rotor side is 192mm. In order to ensure electrical safety, according to CENO’s design standards. The dielectric strength between circuits of slip ring must be more than twice its operating voltage. CENO thermo couple slip ring ECN140-20S-IP54 has good environmental adaptability and can be operate normally in the range of -20℃~+80℃ , which is suitable for equipment that needs to be heated. It’s very suitable for automatic packing machines.


Of course, you can also choose other types of CENO thermocouple slip rings on your packaging machine.




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