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Company news about AC Generator Slip Rings

AC Generator Slip Rings


Latest company news about AC Generator Slip Rings

CENO have produced many kinds of conductive slip ring which used on AC motors, it’s often called AC slip ring.


Therefor, we introduce AC motor components and working principle for you. AC motors are composed of stator side and rotor side, and there are two types in AC motors: synchronous AC motors and induction motors. Both motors generate a rotating magnetic field by passing alternating current through the stator side winding. The rotor winding of the synchronous AC motor usually requires an exciter t to supply direct current.


Regardless of the size of he load, the rotor speed of a synchronous motor is always the same as the speed of the rotating magnetic field, so this speed is called synchronous speed. As mentioned above, it only depends on the frequency of the power supply. That matched Working principle and method of CENO slip rings.


What is the role of slip ring play in AC? - The main function of these slip ring is to transmit electric power into a ring road at rest and which can make AC motor move or rotate particularly. For contact brushes, carton brush is connected to the slip ring. It helps to transmit currents received from the slip ring further into the circuits that keep machines working stably.


The main purpose of AC Slip Ring - AC slip ring have high working efficiency, don’t produce smoke, odor, no environmental pollution and low noise. Due to its super advantages, it is popular used in kinds of aspects such as industrial and agricultural production, commercial, household appliances, transportation, house hold appliance and medical electrical equipment etc.,


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