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Company news about Advantages of CENO’s through bore slip ring

Advantages of CENO’s through bore slip ring


Latest company news about Advantages of CENO’s through bore slip ring


The function of the slip ring is that it can transmit signals between the rotating part and the fixed part of the rotating shaft to solve the 360° rotation problem and make the rotating part run better.It mainly consists of a ring composed of many metal rings, a brush in contact with the ring, a bracket with a fixed function and a coating with a protective function.Mainly to meet the conductive slip ring good conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other requirements.


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We call a slip ring with a hole in the middle as a through-hole slip ring.Its application field is very wide.It is mainly installed on equipment with a rotating shaft.The rotary joint adopts through - hole slip ring, which requires signal transmission in both fixed and non-fixed structures.In the future, the perforated slip ring will be widely used in automation equipment, automatic detection equipment, automatic robot and other new fields.At that time, through the hole slip ring structure and technical parameters put forward higher requirements.Because the number of perforated slip rings is not large, most of them need custom processing and custom production.




CENO’s standard through hole slip ring, a variety of ways, current optional, designed for hydraulic or pneumatic shaft installation of 3mm-980mm center through the use of advanced fiber brush technology, to ensure low friction, low contact resistance, friction-free debris, compared with similar products with high rotation accuracy, more stable performance, longer life.360° continuous rotation transmission of analog or data signals, compatible with the data bus protocol, can transmit Ethernet, RS, CANBUS and FireWire signals, long life, maintenance free, easy installation.

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