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Company news about Analysis of revolving door slip ring

Analysis of revolving door slip ring


Latest company news about Analysis of revolving door slip ring


The slip ring of rotating door belongs to the application field of electric contact sliding connection. It is a precise power transmission device to realize the image, data signal and power transmission of two relative rotating mechanisms.It is especially suitable for unrestricted continuous rotation where power or data needs to be transmitted from a fixed position to a rotating position.


The revolving door enhances the wind resistance, reduces the air conditioning energy consumption, is isolates the airflow, saves the energy the best choice.Revolving doors are most suitable for the entrance and exit systems of hotels, airports, large shopping malls, hospitals, business clubs, hotels, office buildings and large buildings.Revolving door can be divided into manual and automatic according to the function, according to the type can be divided into two wing revolving door, three wing revolving door, four wing revolving door, ring column revolving door and crystal revolving door.


Special slip ring for revolving door: disc slip ring.Disc slip ring is small in size, easy to install and widely used in revolving doors.Revolving doors combine the advantages of various doors, and their spacious and high-style design creates a luxurious atmosphere, which is the highest style of the building.Special slip ring for revolving door can rotate continuously for 24 hours.When the revolving door rotates unrestrained, it transmits some sensing signals through the conductive slip ring, so that it can receive these signals and automatically open and close the door when people pass by the revolving door, so the conductive slip ring plays a very important role in the revolving door.


Special slip rings for revolving doors are developed according to different specifications and different types of revolving doors.Through years of experience working with turnstiles manufacturers, we have provided a variety of slip ring solutions for turnstiles of different specifications.



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