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Company news about Analyze about the cause of slip ring wear

Analyze about the cause of slip ring wear


Latest company news about Analyze about the cause of slip ring wear



According to the working mode of the slip ring, it can be known that the slip ring belongs to sliding contact, and the contact surface between the slip ring and other objects is the first to wear in the process of sliding.The wear rate of slip ring plays a decisive role in its service life.After a lot of tests, it is concluded that the lower the wear degree of slip ring, the longer the service life.It can be known from a large number of data that the wear resistance of slip rings produced by different raw materials is different.The strength, friction coefficient and current density of the raw materials used to make the slip ring have great influence on the wear of the slip ring during operation.


latest company news about Analyze about the cause of slip ring wear  0


When the slip ring comes into contact with other objects, the greater the pressure, the same friction force will be generated, causing the slip ring to wear a lot.However, the contact pressure on the slip ring is too small, and the resistance will increase instantly when the slip ring contacts the contact surface. In serious cases, sparks will appear, which will also cause slip ring wear.




Therefore, the wear rate of the slip ring is determined by the nature of the material made.The production of slip ring materials and production process through the standard to produce slip ring, can reduce the impact of wear during work.

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