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Company news about Application and types of CENO’s slip ring

Application and types of CENO’s slip ring


Latest company news about Application and types of CENO’s slip ring


With the continuous development of the industry, the slip-ring is becoming more and more important in the industry. After continuous development, improvement, upgrading and so on to enhance its performance to meet the different requirements in reality, the following is the introduction of the slip-ring of CENO Electronics.


latest company news about Application and types of CENO’s slip ring  0


As an essential precision instrument industrial parts, slide ring can be used in the following industries:


Security system, mechanical arm, robot, winding machine, filling machine, medical instruments and equipment, ocean exploration, rotating stage, industrial automation equipment, wind generator, revolving door, radar antenna, entertainment equipment, etc.The slip rings used in special working conditions are underwater slip rings, high-temperature resistant slip rings, explosion-proof slip rings, high-speed slip rings, large current slip rings, etc. Under special working conditions, special materials, special structures and special processes are needed to make slip rings.



CENO slip rings can be divided into: electrical slip rings, signal slip rings, functional slip rings, integrated slip rings, fiber/RF swivel joints, gas-liquid swivel joints, and can also be customized multi-slip rings.Through hole slip ring inner hole 3mm-980mm optional.CENO has focused on high-end precision slip rings for many years to meet different customized needs.A professional design team can provide you with the best solution.

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