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Company news about Application of slip ring in automatic mask machine

Application of slip ring in automatic mask machine


Latest company news about Application of slip ring in automatic mask machine

The automatic mask machine requires continuous rotation of 360 degrees during production. However, since the wires on the equipment (power cable, signal cable, video cable, network cable, etc.) cannot be rotated, the problem of rotation and winding of the equipment can be completely solved by using CENO slip ring.Therefore, slip ring is an important production component of mask machine. Good conductive slip ring can improve the production efficiency of mask machine and save labor and material costs of enterprises


latest company news about Application of slip ring in automatic mask machine  0

To curb the epidemic and reduce mutual infection.Demand for face masks has soared, and to mitigate the shortage, improving productivity is important.It is especially important to use parts on machines on the production site.Simplicity, convenience and durability are the most important factors for users.Although the conductive slip ring of the mask machine is a small part, it is connected to the whole finished product.One end of the coil of the mask machine can input DC power through the collector ring, and the other end can be grounded.



Features of slip-ring of automatic mask machine:


  • Easy to assemble and maintain, using ball bearings, simple to use
  • Fast speed, improve the production efficiency of equipment
  • The shell is made of precious metal material, multi-contact gold to gold contact, very durable, good heat dissipation
  • Precision assembly, compact structure will not produce loose, good durability



Slip ring can be customized parameters:

  • The number of channels (number of channels), aperture, size, current and voltage size, protection grade, slip ring speed, etc
  • USB, HDMI, SDI, Ethernet, RS485/232 and other up to 30 kinds of signal compatible transmission
  • Combination of gas, liquid and other media



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