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Company news about Application of slip ring in wind turbine

Application of slip ring in wind turbine


Latest company news about Application of slip ring in wind turbine



In general, the service life of the wind turbine can reach 20 years. With the long service time of the wind turbine, the whole generator system inevitably appears aging. And in the absence of technical personnel required for maintenance work, how to reduce the difficulty of maintenance and find a more accurate and effective solution?The mature slip ring technology is undoubtedly the key to solve this problem.


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In the wind power system, fiber brush slip ring as a small body, the role of a great product, and in the total cost of wind turbines only occupy a small part of the negligible, but it plays a key role in the operation of the whole machinery.




Slip rings are installed throughout the engine room of the wind turbine. Their usual role is to provide the necessary electrical signals and enough energy for variable power and control, that is, to transmit electrical power and signals through rotating interfaces.On this basis, electrical signals and energy are transmitted through the rotating interface of the slip ring assembly by using the slip electric shock of the slip ring.At the same time, the contact brush rolls on the rotating slip ring and keeps uninterrupted contact with the contact surface during the rotating process.




The CENO fiber brush slip-ring provides a wind turbine with a life of at least 100 million revolutions without intermediate maintenance, which means that technicians only need to replace the slip-ring once during the 20 years of operation of the wind turbine.With its reliable military quality and advanced technology, CENO produces fiber brush slip rings that are fully suited for wind turbine applications.

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