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Company news about Attention in the installation of slip ring

Attention in the installation of slip ring


Latest company news about Attention in the installation of slip ring

latest company news about Attention in the installation of slip ring  0


1, Replacement of the slip ring should be replaced as soon as possible, in the wear to the original height of two thirds of the time will need to replace the new slip ring, and a replacement of all the slip ring, the specifications should be the same as the previous slip ring, especially in a motor is not allowed to appear different specifications of the slip ring.



2, Slip ring in the installation to ensure enough space, the control of the inner wall clearance should be moderate, so as to avoid the slip ring operation is not stable, and the converter should also leave enough distance, the distance is too small or too much easy to cause damage.



3, The protection of the oxide film should be maintained when the slip ring is maintained, and the wear of the brush on the commutator.Most of this is because the oxide film is too thick and increases the voltage, causing the machine to overheat and cause additional wear.But too thin oxide film will damage the brush, and easy to form a spark cause mechanical short circuit.Therefore, the brush is equipped with lubrication performance is also an important ring in the maintenance of slip ring.



4, When the slip ring ellipse is too high, turning and other cleaning should be carried out to prevent chatter, resulting in serious wear and short circuit of the brush.

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