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Company news about Basic Introduction for slip ring from CENO

Basic Introduction for slip ring from CENO


Latest company news about Basic Introduction for slip ring from CENO


Slip rings, also known as rotating electrical interfaces and electrical rotating joints, can be used in any electrical system that requires unrestricted continuous rotation to transmit power and data signals from a fixed structure to a rotating structure.

A device that transmits electrical and electrical signals between the rotating and stationary components of an antenna frame by means of sliding or rolling contact, electrostatic coupling or electromagnetic coupling of conducting components. There are driving components, measuring components and control components on the rotating parts, and the control signal and power supply must be delivered to them from the machine room. This requires a variety of slip ring components to transmit signals and energy. Some radars need to rotate the connection of more than a hundred lines. Slip-ring components can be divided into low frequency slip-ring, medium frequency slip-ring and high frequency rotary hinge according to the frequency of the transmitted signal. Slip rings usually refer to only the first two. The electrical properties of slip ring components are insulation resistance, contact resistance, dielectric strength and crosstalk. For intermediate frequency slip ring, because the frequency is higher but also consider shielding, impedance matching, noise voltage and so on. In the structural design to ensure reliable contact, to ensure that all the lines are connected continuously. Therefore, the electrical conductivity of the materials used in the brush is required to be good, the pressure of the slip ring should be appropriate, the eccentricity and slosh of the slip ring is small, the wear resistance is good, the friction moment is small, and the maintenance is easy.


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