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Company news about Catering AI Robots Come into The Public

Catering AI Robots Come into The Public


Latest company news about Catering AI Robots Come into The Public

With the development in robotic technology, it has now become a more accessible technology in the commercial field. Recent years has seen the rise of Robot Canteens, more and more robotic machines have entered the catering business. Catering AIs can replace human labor to prepare and deliver meal to the customers. On one hand these robots can solve the problem of labor shortage. On the other hand, they can serve food in a more hygienic way. Such contact less and automated service is especially favored under the impact of Corona virus.


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In China, robot waiters in the restaurants are no longer a rare phenomenon. For instance, a Chinese hot pot restaurant has its food delivered to the tables by the AI robot. And there are couples of robotic canteens that have even their meals cooked by the robots.




To enable such robots to serve in a restaurant, slip rings are irreplaceable parts. The slip rings allow robots to complete various human-like movements. Especially for those robotic arms works in the restaurant kitchens. Such working environments require slip ring/ rotary joints that endure humidity and high temperature. Meantime, they are expected to facilitate rotary transmission of signal and power. CENO provides excellent slip rings and rotary joints that meet the endurance requirement while allowing stable power and signal transmission. As for waiter AI robots, slip ring enable them to complete different routes of food delivery. Depending on the robot’s size, slip rings are also applied accordingly. CENO has a wide range of rotary joints that can fit in application of different sizes. With a long life span, and smooth operation, CENO products can help build catering robots that are easier to maintain while ensuring agile operation.

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