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Company news about CENO Customized slip rings

CENO Customized slip rings


Latest company news about CENO Customized slip rings

CENO has been engaging in the slip ring industry more than 10 years , and has accumulated abundant experience on R&D. Our engineering team has developed hundreds of special function slip ring for getting a lot of solution for difference industries.Rely on CENO’s strictly production management and quality control,plus efficient production equipment and precise testing instrument to ensure slip ring's performance reliability & quality stability.


latest company news about CENO Customized slip rings  0


CENO is a technical manufacturing company. CENO has abundant experience in design and assembling for specific industries. CENO can provide you with the following customized products:



Marine environmental application.

Large current and high voltage slip-ring.

DI , HDMI and other high definition signal slip-ring.

Ethernet, USB and other high speed signal slip-ring.

Encoder, BUS serial communication, temperature sensing and control applications such as sliding ring.

Optical fiber rotary joint, wavelength optional, rings's channel up to dozens of channels.

High frequency sliding ring, the highest frequency up to 50GHz.

Above IP65 high protection grade slide ring.

Gas, liquid, anti-explosion slip ring.

High altitude, high vibration, high impact, low temperature and other applications.


The above slip-ring can be integrated according to the specific application requirements of customers. Welcome customers to call and negotiate with us.

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