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Company news about CENO Fiber optic rotary joint apply to Radar

CENO Fiber optic rotary joint apply to Radar


Latest company news about CENO Fiber optic rotary joint apply to Radar

According to the order list from CENO customers recent years, more and more fiber optic rotary joint is purchased and the quantity is increasing day by day.


Explore the reasons for this current situation. In order to meet the needs of modern society with gradually intelligent and multi-functional radar system, more and more data need to be exchanged between the control center and the antenna array, and the optical fiber slip ring can well meet this demand due to its large transmission capacity. In addition, the multi-base radar linkage and the need of long-distance signal transmission for avoiding anti-radiation missile attack make optical fiber almost an indispensable technical support for radar signal transmission.


Digital array radar is divided into two parts, one is on the array surface and the other is under the array surface. The array surface is composed of antennas and digital transceiver components. It is can be equipment shelter or cover under the front surface, mainly including waveform control and timing generation system, digital beamforming system, data processing system, etc. Due to the 360° mechanical rotation capability of the array surface, optic signals on the array surface need optic fiber slip ring to realize dynamic connection of optic signals. Fiber Optic slip ring is used to transmit radar signal, which is not only free from electromagnetic interference and channel crosstalk, but also can be transmitted over long distances.


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