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Company news about CENO gold contacts through bore rotary joint

CENO gold contacts through bore rotary joint


Latest company news about CENO gold contacts through bore rotary joint

Rotary though bore slip rings are suitable for high frequency and high data rate transmission and able to endure in hostile environments or at high speed and more. The center hole in the middle of the slip ring is designed to provide clearance for the rotating shaft and rotary joint to meet the function of 360 degree rotation of the equipment. ECN series slip rings are designed with consideration for all user experiences from ease of installation, ease of maintenance and optimal product life. ECN020-53P with gold to gold contacts which is more stable transmission and longer lifespan.It’s also can integrate various of signal such as Ethernet,USB, Canbus, Profibus, Thermocouple etc. Protection grade can be reached IP65,IP66,IP68,through bore size can be customized too ,CENO can design the slip ring with Max 980mm inner hole size.


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With gold contacts

High performance

0~700 VAC/VDC

Compact inner structure





Marine applications

Display equipment

Rotary table

Wind power system

Medical industry

Wrapping machines





Through hole size

Current & ring numbers

Signal type

IP protection grade

Contacts material



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