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Company news about CENO High/low temperature slip ring

CENO High/low temperature slip ring


Latest company news about CENO High/low temperature slip ring


Some certain application requires that slip ring endure high temperature during operation.Then slip ring takes specific material and use special structure in design. As high temperature slip ring series work under 250℃ condition, we have to take into consideration of the heat dissipation issue in design.


CENO ECN088-04P1-37S-JZ is low temperature hollow shaft slip ring, it can work on special environment because of its special features,low temperature for -55℃ and working height at 55000ft. The internal structure has been specially improved and optimized for high altitude and low temperature environment to ensure its reliability in harsh environment.


latest company news about CENO High/low temperature slip ring  0



Typical application:


Automation equipment

Food processing machinery

Military airborne

Special working condition




Current 4*5A,37*signal
Voltage 32VAC
Electrical noise ≤70mΩ(50rpm)
Dielectric strength ≥500V@50Hz
Insulation resistance 300MΩ@500VDC
Working height 55000ft
Contact material precious metals
Operating temperature -55~+70℃
Through bore size 88mm
IP protection grade IP65


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