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Company news about CENO Integrated slip rings apply to robot

CENO Integrated slip rings apply to robot


Latest company news about CENO Integrated slip rings apply to robot

CENO integrate slip rings are widely used in industrial and modern agricultural machinery. Take the example of a strawberry picker or a cherry tomato picker. there are both large and small machines, and large machines are mostly used on larger farms.


In large-scale ecological breeding, large fruit picking machines will be used. Because strawberry fruits are relatively small, manual picking is time-consuming and laborious. In order to efficiently and quickly pick strawberries, some people have specially invented berry picking machines, which can simultaneously pick 6 rows of berries. Each row of the machine has several mechanical arms, which are also key components for picking berries. Multiple rotating joints are involved in this component, and these joints can transfer various signals from the starting end to the end without loss during multiple rotations, which is where slip rings play an important role.


As we all know, strawberries ripen at different times, many of them are red and white, so they need to be selected when picking. The slip ring solves this problem by transmitting video signals well. The mechanical arm moves back and forth, left and right without dead corners, making strawberry picking very easy. Just move to the ripe strawberry position and cut it off.

Small strawberry harvesters are used in small-scale strawberry fields, and the principle is similar to the mechanical arm of the above large strawberry harvester, using slip rings to transmit video signals, electrical power and various signals.

Ceno's slip rings are widely used in various automatic devices, such as mechanical arms, agricultural and industrial equipment too.


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