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Company news about CENO Radar Slip Ring with Ethernet Signal

CENO Radar Slip Ring with Ethernet Signal


Latest company news about CENO Radar Slip Ring with Ethernet Signal

ECN042-04P5-02P3-02P2-04S-02EM is CENO new product with circuits of Ethernet signal, electric power that is designed for radar antenna. Integrate signal slip rings have large production volume among CENO products. This type of slip rings is widely applied in various industry and peoples’ daily life. As a radio detection equipment, Radar is one of major applications of CENO slip rings. In the civil field, slip rings are installed in ships , aircraft and for weather forecast. And according different application scenes choose slip rings. CENO design many kinds of slip rings and provide couples of solutions for the civil field radar systems. CENO standard through hole slip ring can meet this needs, ECN series slip ring are representative models as the ECN042-04P5-02P3-02P2-04S-02EM.


In additional, standard through hole slip ring is the classic product with high cost-effectiveness. However, Some slip rings should customized and integrated circuits of data and signal for the high-end radar systems. Along with the integration of radar and electric computer technology recent years, slip rings which can transmit 100M / 1000M Ethernet signals is ubiquitous. CENO integrated signal slip ring can be designed and customized as different special applications.


High frequency slip ring (often called RF Rotary Joint.) is a key component in some large radar systems which need higher data capacity, and easy to transmit signal and data. CENO Integrated RF Rotary Joint series and Integrated signal slip ring series are high-end product and most parameters are customized the detail requirements, they are well-received among CENO customers.



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