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Company news about CENO RF rotary joint

CENO RF rotary joint


Latest company news about CENO RF rotary joint


CENO's RF rotary joint belongs RCN series. RF rotary joint design adopts the principle of skin effect of high frequency signal and the structure simulation of coaxial cable. To ensure RF rotary joint with the high frequency signal low damage and reliable transmission,CENO uses import high elastic wear-resisting material in the internal key contact point of the RF rotary joint and do special plating in the surface for it. It is a connector device to transmit high frequency signal from the static to rotating part.



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  • Up to 50 GHz transmission frequency, channel number is as high as 5 channels
  • To support the high frequency signal and the low voltage DC signal transmission at the same time.
  • Can be integrated with other electrical slip ring, hybrid transmission of high frequency signals, current and other types.



Typical application

  • Radar antenna
  • High definition video transmission equipment
  • Electro-optical pod system

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