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Company news about CENO Slip Ring for Coating Machine

CENO Slip Ring for Coating Machine


Latest company news about CENO Slip Ring for Coating Machine


Coating machine is mainly used for surface coating process production of film, paper and others, such a machine is to coat the rolled material with a layer of specific functions of glue, paint or ink, and then dry and wind it. In the whole process, slip ring, being an electrical connector in 360° rotation, is an essential part for achieving its operation.


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CENO has accumulated much experience in the slip ring development for coating machine. The recent coating machine slip ring is a through bore part that supports electricity and K thermocouple signal transmission. Working in a high temperature up to 150℃, the K thermocouple wires are in a special processing to avoid an excessive heat. Moreover, power ring is also designed with decreasing heat dissipation. Continuous rotation of the through bore slip rings promotes a non-stop operation with roll alternation.


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