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Company news about CENO Slip Ring In Military Equipment

CENO Slip Ring In Military Equipment


Latest company news about CENO Slip Ring In Military Equipment




Electrical slip rings are used in vehicles such as tanks, retrievers, light armored vehicles, mobile missile launchers, and armored personnel carriers.



A typical vehicle might contain slip rings in the turret, the commander station and the infrared sight. In each of these systems, slip rings have provided reliable signal and power coupling under the most rugged battlefield conditions.


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In order to meet the different requirements of military equipment,except the compact slip rings where minimal space is available, we have provided units that combine conventional electrical slip rings with resolvers, encoders,fiber optics, pneumatics and hydraulics rotary joints.




Theoretically,Power Circuits Requiring the slip ring capsule to operate at continuous current levels that will not be encountered in the field takes space that could be more effectively used for signal requirements.While Signal requirements for vehicular slip ring capsules continue to be increasingly demanding. The circuit functions and electrical isolation requirements have a significant impact on the design of the slip ring capsule. A typical vehicular slip ring will include circuits for powering electronic equipment, video circuits, and analog and digital control circuits.

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