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Company news about CENO slip ring used for Rotary table

CENO slip ring used for Rotary table


Latest company news about CENO slip ring used for Rotary table

Rotary table, also called swivel table, is the working platform of some equipment that can be revolved to any position while keeping in a fixed point. Mostly applied in surveillance and measure control industry, the table requires a rotating electrical connector----slip ring to finish its operation.


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As an electrical part of 360 rotating transmission, CENO slip ring constitutes dozens of application cases for the rotary table. Such slip rings can transmit current and signals, such as USB, SDI, Ethernet (100M, 1000M), sensor signal, angle signal, and optical signal etc. The rotary table slip ring has many circuits up to 285 circuits to meet rotary table of different specifications. Such a high performance is definitely suitable for index table where speed measure is required in a high speed. Also, its high rotating precision helps the two-axis or multi-axis universal sensor platform keep a precise position with high accuracy and smooth motion for different loads


Moreover, CENO slip ring for rotary table has a resistance to vibration, shock, wind, sand, dust and water, adapting to various working conditions of rotary tables. For example it operates in a rotary platform for long-distance night monitoring system in outdoors. And it also fits centrifuge where platforms need to support vibration operation in a high-speed rotation. Wide working temperature(-55~+) also extends its working range. For video trackers or sensors as cameras, it can be working at any time in a wide range of places. High protection level, together with a long service life make the machine works a long time without internal parts updating.


Index table, rotary table for lithium electricity equipment or CNC polishing equipment has employed CENO ECN series slip rings. They are similar to their excellent performance while varying in their rotating speed and transmitted media.

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