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Company news about CENO slip ring with Encoder signal

CENO slip ring with Encoder signal


Latest company news about CENO slip ring with Encoder signal

This is a through bore slip ring with blind shaft ,the through bore size can be customized according to customer’s requests .It’s power integrate Encoder signal module slip ring,its rotor side has a flange and there are four screw holes for mounting using.Then drive the flange rotate to make the slip ring rotor rotate as well,cable on stator side is divided into two groups.One is for power lines and another one is for signal lines.Solve the cable connection mess issue.

latest company news about CENO slip ring with Encoder signal  0



Power integrate Encoder signal

Flange installation

Long service life

Stable transmission

Blind through bore

Anti-jamming ,very low cost





Filling machine

Drilling platform

Ship offshore equipment

Radar system

Wind power equipment

Test equipment

Display equipment

Turntable equipment

Amusement equipment





Through hole size

Current rating and signal type

IP protection grade

Contacts material

Installation style






ECN000-04P2-12S Specification
Circuits & Current 4*10A,12*Encoder signal
Voltage 380VAC
Electrical noise Max 70mΩ (50rpm)
Dielectric strength

≥1000V@50Hz (power)

≥300V@50Hz (signal)

Insulation resistance

≥500MΩ@500VDC (power)

≥100MΩ@300VDC (signal)

Operating speed 0-40 rpm
Contact material Precious metal
Housing material Aluminium alloy
IP protection grade IP54
Installation Flange installation
Through hole size None










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