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Company news about CENO USB slip ring

CENO USB slip ring


Latest company news about CENO USB slip ring



With the popularization of USB devices ,and its application of HD video and super-large storage devices, higher transmission speed has become a necessary requirement.USB signal provides convenient interactive port for all kinds of communication equipment, so USB2.0 conductive slip ring has been widely used in all kinds of communication systems.


latest company news about CENO USB slip ring  0


CENO USB slip ring is a rotary joint to transmit USB signal during 360 degrees rotating, It stably transmitting IEEE1394 and various USB signals, it can be applied to any device which needs to transmit conductive power and 1 or more channel USB signal during 360 degree rotating. USB slip ring solve the problem of large capacity data signal transmission between system components rotating connection, and provides the best technical solutions.






  • Transmit USB1.0,USB2.0,USB3.0
  • Stable transmission,no package loss,no cross talk,low loss
  • Combine various signal and power
  • No interference between power and signal circuit,comply with EMC
  • Equip amplifying module ,like HUB to increase transmission distance
  • USB female and male connector are available





Typical applications

  • Motion simulator
  • Automation equipment


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