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Company news about Characteristics of high speed slip rings

Characteristics of high speed slip rings


Latest company news about Characteristics of high speed slip rings



High-speed trains are one of the most efficient means of transportation nowadays. At present, high-speed trains are more popular than planes, cars, ships and so on.Compared with other modes of transportation, high-speed trains have the following advantages: 1. All-weather is not affected by climatic conditions.2. Large capacity, minimum driving interval of 4 minutes.3. Fast speed.To ensure the safety of high-speed trains, the maximum speed can be up to 350 km/h, but the normal operation control is 300 km/h.Therefore, the operation safety of high-speed trains is a very strict requirement, and it is necessary to test the core components of high-speed trains.This kind of tester requires high speed slip ring, which not only keeps high speed running speed, but also has long service life.CENO developed a high - speed conductive slip ring to meet all the requirements of this tester.




Characteristics and requirements of high-speed conductive slip ring:




1.High speed, minimum speed above 2500RPM.

2.High temperature resistance, the wire material using teflon and other high temperature resistant wire.

3.Long life, brush wire and other contact materials - gold, precious metal wear resistant materials, high conductivity, wear resistance.

4.Compact structure, meet the use of function, strength, life and other conditions, the smallest size of the structure.

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