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Company news about Characteristics of optical fiber slip ring

Characteristics of optical fiber slip ring


Latest company news about Characteristics of optical fiber slip ring



Fiber optic slip ring is in the industrial equipment we often called fiber optic rotary joint and fiber optic rotary connector, that look at its name we know, it is fiber as the carrier of data.A device that allows a signal to be transmitted with very high precision between a stationary part and a rotating part.It is now used in a very wide range of applications, generally used in the need for unlimited rotation of large data.It can be said that its device is the best solution for some signal transmission or digital transmission between the various equipment systems, so we now see that there is a need for unlimited continuous rotation of the equipment, fiber optic slip ring is indispensable.And for its quality requirements are higher, because we know that it should guarantee continuous rotation at the same time, but also to ensure the effective transmission of data and signals, it can be said that it is fundamentally improved the mechanical equipment of a personality.Because of its powerful role, simple operation, so today it in too many industrial behavior, is the most indispensable of a high precision equipment.


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What are the features of the fiber optic slip ring today? Let's take a look at it now. One is that it can be used for a long time in very harsh environments, which explains its high quality requirements.The second is that if there is no contact, no friction, its life is very long.The number of revolutions is as high as 10 million or more.And the third thing is that it's capable of transmitting many kinds of signals like data, like video, like Internet data.The fourth is the biggest characteristic is its use of optical fiber to transmit, it really did no electromagnetic interference, there would be no risk of leaks and, of course, but also can be transmitted a very long distance, can be effective in dozens of hundreds of kilometers of network to the application of optical fiber slip ring volume is small, weight is light, and can bring pressure to compensate.So we see the great role of fiber optic slip ring, also know its characteristics, the corresponding can know its application scope.




In fact, the range of optical fiber slip ring is very wide.The high-tech industry, robot, radar, ships, aircraft, satellites, submarine, etc., to see the industry, we also will naturally know how its quality requirement is high, in fact, with the continuous development of our country's economy, now many of the civil industry is also used to this kind of high precision optical fiber slip ring is rich, of course, will use the best,And the best slip ring we have seen, really can be said to be a very decisive role for our industrial production.

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