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Company news about Characteristics of pancake slip ring

Characteristics of pancake slip ring


Latest company news about Characteristics of pancake slip ring



Pancake slip ring is as another form of though hole slip rings. CENO's pancake slip rings are designed for some equipment which vertical space is limited while horizontal space is less restrictive.The thickness could be up to 4mm.This kind pancake slip ring design with through hole or no hole are optional.


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Special high vacuum sealing technology & precious metal brush ensure the high reliability transmitting and rotating performance of slip ring. With many advantages such as low torque ,low friction, low electrical noise and long life, pancake slip rings are mainly applied to transmit precise signal together with power.




Pancake slip ring, they are designed exclusively for rotation systems in which installing space is limited in height at vertical direction. Both copper ring and brush contact surround a central hole, which saves space a lot. They consists of separated rotor and contact brush,with many features, low resistance,easy to install, simplify system design.


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