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Company news about Characteristics of turntable slip ring

Characteristics of turntable slip ring


Latest company news about Characteristics of turntable slip ring

Customized slip ring mixed transmit kinds of signals,with Through bore 3mm to 500mm Current 2A to 2000A are optional


Turntable slip ring is a insert bearing which gather support, rotation, transmission, fixed and other features in a special structure and Can withstand axial load, radial load and overturning moment. Slip ring is an important rotary joint part of turntable keep it 360°continuous rotation

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Because turntable slip ring usually used in high-end area like military turntable etc., it is strict to the dimension, signal, performance of the product. It need the manufacture has stronger technical strength and high quality& sale-after services guarantee.


According to the working area, divide into two types, emulation turntable slip ring and test turntable slip ring. Turntable slip ring is specialized used in the turntable. Meanwhile, they can also provide the slip ring with intermediate frequency and high frequency signal transmission, they can customized for you with higher requirements. CENO can recommend the best product for you accordantly.


The features of CENO turntable slip ring:


1.Through bore 3mm to 500mm and without through bore are optional; Current 2A to 2000A are optional

2.Can mixed with high frequency rotary joint, gas-liquid fiber optic slip ring

3.Advanced crowed type & multi-contact, long lifetime, no maintenance

4.360°rotation transmit power and signal continually

5.Can mixed transmit kinds of signals, can customized for customers depends on their detailed requirements


Please contact us for your special needs . we will provide the 360°rotation solution for you immediately.


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