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Company news about Classification of conductive slip rings

Classification of conductive slip rings


Latest company news about Classification of conductive slip rings

With high grade, high quality and excellent service, CENO electronica company is actively exploring the market! Welcome customers to come to the factory inspection! The precision conductive slip rings produced by the CENO electrical company are widely used in automation equipment, security, medical equipment, robotics, packaging machinery, radar, wind power generation, aerospace and other fields. CENO company is committed to providing the perfect unlimited 360 degrees rotary joint as our customers’ request.

CENO company can not only provide general conductive slip ring, also design and produce all kinds of multi-channel slip rings, high current slip rings, high voltage slip rings, high speed slip rings, high frequency etc according to the different technical requirements of customers.

Another main slip ring in CENO company is the integrated slip ring, such as slip rings combined with electricity, gas and liquid that’s all based on customers’ needs.

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