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Company news about Crane slip ring with carbon brush

Crane slip ring with carbon brush


Latest company news about Crane slip ring with carbon brush

The unobstructed bore through the center provides routing space for hydraulics, pneumatic or for a concentric shaft mount. Our through-bore slip rings feature our fiber brush technology which offers several advantages over conventional slip ring technology including multiple points of contact force per fiber and low contact wear rates. In addition, fiber brushes do not require lubrication and produce virtually no wear debris.BHCN-C-0463-1420 this type carbon brush slip ring have 4 rings of 63A & 14 rings of 20A,with waterproof grade IP65 .Contact materials for 63A is copper graphite but precious metal for 20A.The housing material is stainless steel with maintenance free . It widely be used in ship machinery, engineering machinery, port machinery, offshore crane, cable reel, propeller,as well as drilling platform.


latest company news about Crane slip ring with carbon brush  0




Operating speed 0~5 rpm


Carbon brush structure

Working underwater 1000M






Marine applications

Offshore crane

Cable reels

Ship machinery

Industry equipment






Maintenance method

Current & ring numbers

Various signal

IP protection grade




CENO has rich experience in design and manufacture of large current carbon brush slip ring.Which is adopted the unique structural design and scientific simulation calculation to fully make sure transmitting stably the current through each loop current. According to different field application, adopt overall design ideas on the carbon brush design. It is classified into BHCN series in CENO's product family.The design concept base on the carbon brush working environment to compact the size and provides maintenance window.




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