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Company news about Features and advantages for robot slip rings

Features and advantages for robot slip rings


Latest company news about Features and advantages for robot slip rings


Robot is device of working automatically, which can not only accept human orders, but also operate programs made up previously and act according to principles and programs made by human intelligence. Its task is to assist or replace human work, such as in manufacturing, building industry or other dangerous areas. In the process of acting, slip rings are used commonly to help the robot complete its all kinds of manipulation.

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For different application, CENO has designed exclusively slip rings for robot use. It can achieve 360 rotating transmission and integrate pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints to meet the needs of more challenges. Also, it can transmit large current, Ethernet, USB, RS, CANBUS. Fire-wire, servo-actuator, encoder strain gauge, thermocouple. HDMI with a low friction force. Moreover, Slip rings of ECN series features a high temperature resistance (up to 220C), long service life up to 100 million turns and optional current ,therefore, CENO’s slip ring as the central component of the welding robot, with its law torque,smooth running high bandwidth transfer capability is able to perform welding work with no angular limit resulting from wires wrapping. Also, no wear debris makes it free maintenance. Capsule slip rings enjoy compact design with the outer diameter ranging from 5.5mm to 14mm. As to robot for Sweeping used in household or office area, products of ACN series are applied perfectly to the kind of robots. Easy to install, the electrical connector can transmit electricity and signals without interference or data package. Another point lies in its high precision and reliable performance. Besides it has long service life . To solve the problem of complicated structure of rotating joint and inconvenience of installation or maintenance.




Features Advantages


Transmitting electricity and various kinds of signals

Large current-carrying capacity

High precision and reliable performance

Low friction force, no wear debris

Low starting torque (1N.m)

High temperature resistance (up to 220C)

Easy to install

Long service life

Maintenance free

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