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Company news about Features of long life and high speed slip ring.

Features of long life and high speed slip ring.


Latest company news about Features of long life and high speed slip ring.

High speed slip ring provides technical support for efficient rotation of high-speed precision equipment. Different from ordinary conductive slip ring, high speed slip ring requires high speed and high speed rotation under the condition of low current or low signal between rotating platform and stationary platform.In this way, not only the production efficiency is high, but also the surface quality and machining accuracy of the parts can be significantly improved.


latest company news about Features of long life and high speed slip ring.  0



High speed slip ring generally refers to the speed of 1000rpm -20000rpm slip ring.In the field of high speed slip ring, we combine advanced foreign technology with our own innovative technology to customize high speed of 1-100 channels with special nitrogen or air and water cooling methods to ensure that the heat generated during high speed operation does not affect signal stability and the life of the slip ring.






CENO high-speed slip ring characteristics:

1. Adopt special process, select high wear resistance, long life material;

2. Multiple contacts ensure the reliability of power supply and signal transmission;

3. It has the characteristics of low torque, low loss, high stability and long service life;

4. Speed of high speed hollow shaft slip ring can reach 8000 RPM or higher;

5. Speed of high speed cap slip ring can reach 2500 RPM or higher;

6. The speed of the existing new high speed split slip ring (MSP112) can reach 2000 RPM or even higher.



High speed slip ring is developing towards the direction of high speed, high efficiency, high precision and high intelligence. The application range of high speed slip ring will be more and more extensive.





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