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High precision fiber slip ring internal structure

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Company News
High precision fiber slip ring internal structure
Latest company news about High precision fiber slip ring internal structure

Optical fiber slip ring is a reliable transmission device that uses optical fiber as the data transmission medium to connect signals and data to the rotating part of the equipment.It is especially suitable for places where unlimited, continuous or intermittent rotation is required and large capacity data and signals need to be transmitted from fixed position to rotation position, so as to improve mechanical properties, simplify system operation and avoid damage to optical fiber caused by rotation of movable joints.



The transmission of optical signal in its interior is aerial coupling and non-contact transmission, which is different from the transmission of electric slip ring, gas slip ring and liquid slip ring.The transmission of optical signal is continuous without bad contact, fluid interruption, leakage and other faults.When the optical beam propagates in the fiber slip ring, the coupling efficiency will be deviated, which may be manifested as the insertion loss variation value of the fiber ring.

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In the case of high magnetic current interference is normal action, completely unaffected by electromagnetic, and security is very good, such as copper wire and other transmission medium, by technical means to decrypt the internal transmission of signal, the optical fiber ring as full close, high precision parts, transmission because of the light transmission signal cannot be reversed.



Fiber optic slip ring rotation action without friction and contact, so the life is quite long, may reach more than 300 million revolutions.In addition to some research institutes in China can independently produce and process this kind of slip ring, few domestic slip ring manufacturers can completely independently produce this kind of slip ring.These characteristics of fiber optic ring have been known since ancient times that the application of fiber optic ring is limited to the field of automation of advanced machinery.

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Fiber ring is chosen as an important part of the rotating structure in many applications that need to transmit big data signals.Fiber optic slip ring is strong and durable, and its main material is stainless steel, which can prevent corrosion and oxidation, and is very suitable for submarine, ship, aerospace and other fields.In addition, the fiber ring is resistant to electromagnetic interference. No matter it is high magnetic field or strong voltage current, the fiber ring can work normally without being affected. Moreover, it has special stability and safety, and it does not need special shielding like other cables.


CENO is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality slip-ring, conductive slip-ring, fiber optic slip-ring, brush slip-ring, gas and electrical swivel joints.Its sales and service networks are spread all over the world.After years of efforts and experience accumulation, Mobil has been in a superior position in the field of Chinese slip ring industry.The company has long cooperated and communicated with many famous manufacturers, munitions factories, research institutes and universities in China, providing products and comprehensive technical services.Internationally, our products have been exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, entered the European and American aerospace and munitions industries, and established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many international famous brands.Mobil slip ring products range is very wide, more than half of the product is custom development and custom design product, can not only provide standard conductive slip ring, and according to the customer's technical requirements, a variety of channels, signal type, high current, high voltage, high speed, high frequency, such as optical signal and the integration of the combination of slip ring.

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