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Company news about How do CENO Slip Ring Plays a Part in the Offshore Platforms

How do CENO Slip Ring Plays a Part in the Offshore Platforms


Latest company news about How do CENO Slip Ring Plays a Part in the Offshore Platforms

CENO Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer. Since its establishment, it has provided numerous successful rotary transmission solutions for various kinds of applications and industries. CENO slip rings has won good reputation among customers for their excellent quality and technological support. And among all the applied industries, today we are going to take a close look at how our slip rings serve the offshore platforms.


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To begin with, on the offshore platforms, slip rings are mostly applied in the offshore cranes and winches. This two applications demand slip rings to realize power and signal transmission while allowing the connecting joints to rotate. For this purpose, CENO develops high power slip rings with specific properties to satisfy the demands of the offshore facilities. The large current slip ring for offshore platform integrates up to 500 channels, making high power transmission possible and reliable. It can work at a voltage up to 35,000V and transmit power up to 4,200 A. CENO offshore platform slip ring adapts to the special working environment, enduring temperature from -60℃ to + 250℃. Besides, adopting special structural design and sealing protection method, CENO slip ring demonstrates great salt spray resistance and corrosion resistance. With IP68, can work in the harsh environment when guaranteeing a smooth and stable transmission in a long run.


Another important application where slip ring play a part in is the offshore oil rig. Aside from the features mentioned previously, slip rings used in the offshore oil rigs have to meet the anti-explosion criteria. CENO slip rings for offshore oil rig, also international explosive proof equivalent requirements. It’s also provide a safe transmission solution for offshore oil rigs.


Aside from standard slip ring models, CENO is also experienced in providing custom slip rings. offshore platform slip rings can be integrated with fiber optic rotary joint, and enable various kinds of signal transmission: USB3.0, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, SDI, fiber optic, high frequency, bus signal and serial signal, etc.


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