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Company news about How to detect slip ring ?

How to detect slip ring ?


Latest company news about How to detect slip ring ?



As a key component of inertial navigation platform, control moment gyro, industrial control, video monitoring, turntable and so on, the slip ring can realize the transmission of power, signal and current between two relatively rotating parts.With the continuous development of technology and the continuous renewal of industrial equipment, the requirements of various equipment on slip ring are becoming higher and higher, which requires manufacturers to test more and more means of slip ring.


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CENO's slip rings are tested before they leave the factory to better reflect the overall performance of the slip rings and detect problems in a timely manner.The main performance index test of slip ring includes appearance and structure test, normal life test, static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, insulation resistance, electrical strength and friction torque test.




CENO’s selects different brush contact materials according to different customers' equipment requirements. We can design a variety of precision conductive rings, such as cap, split, hollow shaft, disc, high current, high frequency swivel joints, fiber optic swivel connectors, liquid metal, non-standard swivel rings, etc.

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