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Company news about How to improve the reliability of high speed slip ring?

How to improve the reliability of high speed slip ring?


Latest company news about How to improve the reliability of high speed slip ring?

For the high-speed sliding ring applied in the aerospace field, it needs to have the characteristics of high signal transmission quality, good safety and reliability performance and long service life due to the relatively harsh operating environment (high speed and high temperature).Therefore, CENO in order to make the high speed slip ring meet the requirements and have the characteristics mentioned above, the following key technologies are adopted in the design process by professionals.


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The first is the design of sliding friction pair with single ring and double brush in parallel.In general, the conductive ring of the slip ring and the brush wire are in sliding contact to realize the transmission of electrical signals and data signals.In order to improve the reliability of high speed slip ring signal transmission, we adopt the design of friction pair.The friction pair usually adopts the form of single ring and double brush contact, that is, two brush wires in parallel with a conductive ring to form a loop, so that even if the single brush wire has problems, it can ensure the normal transmission of signals.


The second is the conductive ring groove processing technology of high-speed sliding ring, which mainly includes two forms of planar groove and V-groove.Although the planar type is easy to be machined, its contact stability is not high under the condition of high speed rotation, so it cannot meet the requirement of high speed sliding ring and high speed.The v-groove conductive ring has a groove on the surface, so the brush wire is not easy to leave the working face of the conductive ring even in the working environment of vibration and impact, which has a high contact reliability.Therefore, the conductive ring of the high speed slip ring chooses The V-groove type.In the processing process, we need to strictly control the machine tool, cutting tool and processing technology to ensure the center position, depth and surface roughness of the ring groove, so as to meet the contact performance requirements of the conductive ring and brush wire.


The third is the lead welding technology of high speed slip ring.The general conducting ring is a noble metal alloy and its thickness will be very small due to the limitation of conditions.Therefore, we should finish the welding wire in such a small space, must not only ensure the size of the solder joint is small enough, to ensure that narrow space inside numerous conductive ring can be assembled on the rotor shaft does not interfere with each other, and to guarantee the quality of solder joint is firm and reliable, to prevent in the tens of thousands of revolutions per cent of the high speed centrifugal force under the action of the solder joint loss, influence of the slip ring signal transmission.In addition to the above points, we also need to design the conducting ring, electric brush and complex rotor system.

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