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Company news about How to use pneumatic rotary joint

How to use pneumatic rotary joint


Latest company news about How to use pneumatic rotary joint



Pneumatic swivel joint is an electrical component that connects and transmits the current and signal of a rotating object.Pneumatic joint rotates 360 degrees continuously to transfer power and fluid pressure.

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The pneumatic rotary joint is responsible for the connection of the rotating object. Power or signal transmission is carried out through the pneumatic joint installed in the rotating center of the equipment.Pneumatic joints are mainly composed of rotating parts and fixed parts.The stationary part is called the stator and the rotating part is called the rotor.Because different types of pneumatic joints have different characteristics, it is particularly important to choose pneumatic joints according to different uses.



Pneumatic joint can transmit compressed air, vacuum, hydraulic shaft, water, hot water, coolant, steam and other media.When rotated 360 degrees, it can simultaneously transmit gas, power, signals and other media.

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