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Company news about How to use the pneumatic rotary joint ?

How to use the pneumatic rotary joint ?


Latest company news about How to use the pneumatic rotary joint ?

A pneumatic rotary joint is an electrical element responsible for connecting and transmitting the current and signals of a rotating object.The pneumatic joint rotates 360 degrees continuously to transfer power, fluid pressure and so on.Some devices also need to control signal sources, such as fiber optic signals and high-frequency signals, which can be integrated into pneumatic connectors.


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The pneumatic rotary joint is responsible for the connection of rotating objects. Power or signal transmission is carried out through the pneumatic joint installed in the rotating center of the equipment.Pneumatic joint is mainly composed of rotating parts and fixed parts.The stationary part is called the stator, and the rotating part is called the rotor.Because different types of pneumatic joints have different characteristics, it is very important to choose pneumatic joints according to different uses.


Traditional motor connector is carbon brush, but due to frequent maintenance and unable to transmit signals, more and more users choose precision conductive connector, which is compact, easy to install, maintenance-free and simple to use, and can transmit analog and digital signals.



Operating equipment of pneumatic rotary joint:

Pneumatic joint can transfer compressed air, vacuum, hydraulic shaft, water, hot water, coolant, steam and other media.When rotated 360 degrees, it can simultaneously transmit gas, power, signals and other media.For example: various non-standard automatic equipment, lithium battery equipment, mobile phone testing equipment, high-end mobile phone equipment, various laser equipment, coating machine, diaphragm coating equipment, flexible packaging battery packaging film equipment, bonding equipment, bonding equipment, electronic semiconductor industry automation equipment;Photoelectric flat panel display (LIQUID crystal display/liquid crystal display/liquid crystal display/organic light emitting diode/plasma display) industrial automation equipment, testing equipment, other automation non-standard professional equipment.


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