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Company news about Innovation direction of slip ring industry

Innovation direction of slip ring industry


Latest company news about Innovation direction of slip ring industry

As a rotary power and signal transmission tool, the slip ring is an indispensable component. Through the mechanical industry development, slip rings have undergone various changes —firstly the sole electric transmission slip ring; secondly the compound slip ring that can transmit both signal and power; then the integrated hydraulic/pneumatic opto-electronic slip ring. These are all the results of technology innovation. For instance, without the pneumatic-pump, the hydraulic/pneumatic rotary joint would not have been developed. As for fiber optic rotary joint, it is a revolutionary invention under the background of fiber optic transmission technology.


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At home or abroad, the slip ring industry is now in a rather mature stage. Therefore, the innovations of slip ring are restricted to inner structure improvements and other mild revises. This limitation is due to the characteristics of the slip ring. Since a slip ring rotary joint is a component that transmit power, the breakthroughs in it are limited by the application types as well as its functions.




Besides, the inventions and developments of new devices and applications will also stimulate the innovations in slip ring industry. For example, the popularization of Medium voltage DC all-electric propulsion system in China prospers the relative pod electric propulsion system industry and the related kinds of slip rings being used. CENO Electronics is carrying out R&D on the first domestic independently developed specialized slip ring for the 3MW-grade pod electric propulsion. CENO demonstrates great innovative capability and exquisite manufacture techniques.

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