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Company news about Introduction for traditional slip ring

Introduction for traditional slip ring


Latest company news about Introduction for traditional slip ring

Traditional slip ring is also known as "Electrical slip ring", "collector" or "collector ring". There were mature design technologies and mature manufacturing factories in past several decades, which mainly transmission large currents and adopt the technology that carbon brushes are close to copper rings. The Disadvantage is that limited to the transmission of large currents, and a large amount of carbon alloy powder is produced due to friction, which requires regular cleaning or replacement of carbon brushes. Due to the rapid development of modern precision electronics and precision electro mechanical products, precision electric slip rings came into being. It was originally dedicated to ultra-high-end fields such as aviation and aerospace, but now it has been widely used in civilian precision electronics and electrical equipment. Some series have been made into general electric accessories. Electric slip rings are the most widely used in the unlimited continuous rotation slip ring series, also known as brushes slip ring, carbon brushes slip ring, collector, collector rings, swivels, and electrical rotary joints, transmitting power and signals.

The stator and the rotor part respectively lead out wires to connect the power supply and terminal electrical appliances of the fixed structure and the rotating structure, and rotate accordingly. According to its overall structure, it is divided into solid round slip ring (dig a hole on the rotating body and install the slip ring), hollow shaft slip ring (install the slip ring on the rotating shaft), and separate slip ring, flat disc slip ring, Mercury slip rings, special slip rings and so on.


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