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Company news about Introduction of CENO’s Multi-channel slip ring

Introduction of CENO’s Multi-channel slip ring


Latest company news about Introduction of CENO’s Multi-channel slip ring



Multi-channel slip ring is the slip ring with more than 50 channels. CENO's multi-channel slipring could reach more than 500 channel.

latest company news about Introduction of CENO’s Multi-channel slip ring  0


Multi-channel slip ring is the most cost-effective and best-selling series of industrial slip rings at present.It is mainly used to ensure the power supply and the signal can not be interrupted, such as all kinds of radar, security equipment, entertainment equipment, all kinds of robots, manipulator, all kinds of airborne device, all kinds of wind power equipment bottle blowing machine, light detector, all kinds of turntable, entertainment equipment, virtual 3D, VR equipment, vehicle satellite antenna and so on.




Through hole slip ring, also known as hollow shaft slip ring, is a conductive slip ring, is developed in order to meet the requirements of the middle must have holes.The main difference between it and other types of slip rings is that there is a through hole in the middle of the hollow shaft conducting ring.However, the manufacture and principle of the through-hole slip ring is similar to other kinds of slip rings. Through the contact with the brush line and the contact point, the data such as current, voltage and signal of the device are transferred from the fixed position to the rotating position.



Through - hole slip ring has strong wear resistance and very low torque.Contacts are made of precious metal or gold plated or gold alloy materials, ensuring extremely low resistance fluctuations and long service life.In addition, rotary equipment such as hot plate welding machine, tank robot and automatic intelligent production line are also widely used.

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