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Company news about Introduction of high speed slip ring

Introduction of high speed slip ring


Latest company news about Introduction of high speed slip ring


Since modern times, with the development of industrial automation and the wide application of conductive slip ring, many manufacturing machinery and equipment have been used, followed by the problem of electrical wiring of equipment transmission.The low efficiency of equipment operation is a common problem in enterprise production, which not only seriously restricts the development of enterprises, but also causes a huge waste of energy.Improving the operating efficiency of equipment and reducing production energy consumption are important means to improve product quality and output.


latest company news about Introduction of high speed slip ring  0


Therefore, many enterprises have used high-speed precision equipment.Reduce the frequency of equipment failure, improve product quality and output.In order to solve the problem of signal transmission, the speed of ordinary conductive slip ring can not reach the speed of high-speed equipment operation.If these ordinary conductive slip rings are used, equipment accidents will be caused, and even large-scale stop-production and serious economic losses will be brought to enterprises.To this end, slip ring manufacturers continue to test and develop high speed rotating conductive slip rings -- high speed collector rings!The use of high speed collector ring can not only accurately transmit signals, but also ensure the normal operation of equipment, and further improve the economic benefits of enterprises.




High speed collector ring schemes usually refer to slip rings with speeds ranging from 1000rpm to 20,000rpm.In the field of high speed slip ring, combined with foreign advanced technology and its own innovation,CENO Electronics can customize the high speed of 1-100 channels, and has special nitrogen filling or air cooling and water cooling methods, to ensure that the heat generated by the slip ring at high speed does not affect the stability of the signal and the life of the slip ring.

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