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Company news about Introduction of large current slip ring

Introduction of large current slip ring


Latest company news about Introduction of large current slip ring

In the slip ring industry, slip rings can be divided into many types according to different forms, including through hole type, cap type and disc type according to the structure design.According to the performance can be divided into high frequency type, waterproof type and explosion-proof type;According to the transmission signal can be divided into USB type, current type and Ethernet type.The current can be divided into large current and small current.At present, due to various advantages of the new slip ring, it has almost replaced the traditional slip ring. However, in the field of high-current transmission equipment, the traditional slip ring is still needed.


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Large current slip rings, also known as traditional slip rings, collector rings, confluence rings and high-power slip rings, are mainly used for the transmission of large current equipment, such as electric welding, electroplating and high-power charging equipment, the transmission of current can reach 7,500 amperes.This kind of collector ring usually uses copper alloy and carbon alloy as the main contact material. In the operation, a lot of heat will be generated. Therefore, reliable electric contact and good heat dissipation are needed to avoid the situation of burning the contact material of the collector ring.


However, some manufacturers specializing in the development of large-current slip rings made continuous attempts to select the suitable contact material for the collector ring in view of the problems in the use of the collector ring. Later, it was found that the aluminum alloy material had low contact resistance, could transmit super-large current while generating little heat, and had a large number of heat dissipation holes, which could dissipate heat quickly.In addition, before each large current slip ring leaves factory, there are heating experiments and ultra-large current shock experiments. Therefore, the collector ring on the market is specially used to conduct large current and support parts of high-power equipment.

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