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Company news about Introduction to CENO conductive slip ring

Introduction to CENO conductive slip ring


Latest company news about Introduction to CENO conductive slip ring

Conductive slip ring belong to the application category of electric contact sliding connection, it is also called collector ring, or rotating joint, rotating electrical interface, slip ring, collector electric ring, return electric ring, coil ring, commutator, adaptor.

It is the precision device that realize two relative rotating machinery transmit electrical power, image, data signal.

It is particularly suitable for the applications that is unlimited rotating and transmitting electrical power and data from the located position to a rotating position.

It is composed of elastic material - brush, sliding contact surface material - conductive ring, isolation material, adhesive material, combination support, precision bearing, dust cover and other auxiliary parts of the slip ring.

The electric brush is made of precious metal alloy material, that is in the shape of "II" and symmetrical double contact with the conductive groove. By virtue of the contact between the elastic pressure of the brush and the sliding of the conductive groove, the signals and currents are transmitted.


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