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Company news about Introduction to the structure of long durable slip ring

Introduction to the structure of long durable slip ring


Latest company news about Introduction to the structure of long durable slip ring

At present, the new type of fine slip ring is a very common slip ring in the slip ring industry. It simply replaces the traditional slip ring used before. The main reason is that compared with this type of slip ring, it is smaller in size and does not need to clean the toner on the surface frequently.Although the new sliding ring is widely used, but if the device is not properly used, its life is shorter than the traditional collector ring, and the device changes to say that the time is longer, the cost is higher.Therefore, aiming at this problem, several leading enterprises in the category of slip ring have developed a kind of device which is convenient and fast and has a long and durable slip ring.

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Because the factors that affect the service life of the slip ring mainly include its overall design structure, manufacturing materials, working environment and working speed.So long service life of the slip ring in the design, the vulnerable part adopts the modular design, and the whole shell without dis-assembly, the structure design of the science, in other words, this design can be simple to install and remove the slip ring, and can be more convenient to replace and maintain the internal parts, can greatly prolong the service life of new type of slip ring in theory, can meet the needs of specific markets.


Durable slip ring in the use of this kind of long life of important technical parameters we can for you for your brief introduction, direct test of the slip ring between seventy to one hundred and fifty mm hole, thickness of around one hundred mm, the slip ring can transport all kinds of signals, such as the current signal, such as Ethernet and USB signals, the two dimensions and slip ring loop route can be customized according to customer's request.In addition, because the sliding ring is modular design structure, equipped with access, so it can be module installation, simple and convenient replacement, and beautiful appearance, the overall strength is reliable.The above is the brief introduction of the super long life slip ring. In the preliminary test, the service life of the normal temperature environment can reach more than 20 years, while the service life of the ordinary slip ring is between 10 and 15 years.

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