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Company news about Long lifetime slip ring structure

Long lifetime slip ring structure


Latest company news about Long lifetime slip ring structure



A slip ring, generally speaking, is to transmit power or signal continuously in 360° towards one direction.


But in terms of rotation, it allows varied forms whether for rotating degree or direction. As a continuously rotating part, the electrical slip ring also needs to have a positive inversion structure to achieve the rotating performance.


latest company news about Long lifetime slip ring structure  0


On the foundation of a super miniature unit, the engineers embarked on deep research to reach the point. To guarantee a 48V/1A load and a 150 rpm working speed, the materials used for both internal & outer structure are in a deliberative evaluation. The other consideration involves the mold injection, which accordingly optimizes its precision in a limited dimension. Aside from an excellent performance, a good concentration and linearity are also within good control.


The protection grade is IP54, 8 channels can realize positive and negative rotation, transmitting 8 million RPM power/signal.


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