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Company news about Maintenance method for multi - channel rotary joint

Maintenance method for multi - channel rotary joint


Latest company news about Maintenance method for multi - channel rotary joint

Rotary joint is a kind of special rotary joint for low speed and high pressure multi-medium and multi-channel equipment, which is used for machining center turntable, hydraulic work station, coiler mandrel , converter, large packaging turntable, hydraulic machinery, multi-channel high pressure controller and other equipment.


There are two types of multi-channel rotary joints: side thread connection and front thread connection.The two joint series can transport gas, vacuum, water, coolant and steam at the same time. They can be used in a mixture without interference.


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In order to extend the service life of the multi-channel rotary joint, we need to carry out daily maintenance, which requires the following aspects:


1. Keep the rotary joint roller and the inside of the pipe clean. Pay attention to new equipment and add filters if necessary to prevent abnormal wear of the rotary joint caused by foreign matter.


2. If the machine is not used for a long time, it will lead to scaling and rust of multi-channel rotary joints.Pay attention to clogging or dripping when used repeatedly.


3. Please use the oil holder to oil regularly, so that the rotary joint bearing can operate normally.


4. Rotating joints of circulating heat media should be heated gradually and the temperature should not change rapidly.


5. Check the wear condition and thickness change of the sealing surface, observe the friction track of the sealing surface, and see whether there is three-point discontinuity or scratch, etc.If this is the case, please replace it.


6. Swivel joints should be handled with care. Collision is strictly prohibited to avoid loss of joint components.


7. Foreign matter is strictly prohibited to enter the rotary joint.


8. Do not leave the multi-channel rotary joint idle for a long time. Do not use regular oil injection for a long time to prevent rust.

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